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When Financial Goals Aren’t Enough!
Historically, your financial advisers job to help you reach your financial goals. You want to retire, travel, or buy that[...]
Help Spread SDT In Retirement
Are you consumed with guilt, shame or resentment that you don’t fit the mold that the media, and our culture[...]
1st Responders
Summer of 2018 has been punctuated by natural catastrophes.  Fires, volcanoes, and hurricanes have held the headlines.   In our Colorado[...]
Ladies – 3 Ideas To Give More And Keep More!
Women are natural givers – sometimes to our detriment. We need to understand safe boundaries (how to help, not hurt)[...]
Don’t Let Your Retirement Capsize!
You worked hard to accumulate and plan for retirement.  As you head into the fall or distribution season of life,[...]


Episode 13 – When Financial Goals Aren’t Enough
Financial advisors typically focus on helping clients set goals. It’s easy to see why — it’s fun for clients to[...]
Episode 12 — How to Flourish Emotionally During Your Rewirement: Part 2
In part 2 of her mini-series on how to flourish during retirement, Danielle Howard explores the different ways we can[...]
Episode 11 – How to Flourish Financially During Your Rewirement: Part 1
In part one of her mini-series, Danielle Howard explains how you can prepare for the distribution season of your life[...]
Episode 10 – It’s Time to Explore the Quantitative and Qualitative Risks of Your Fall Season
Imagine transitioning into your fall season of life—in other words, your retirement phase. What type of risk might you experience?[...]
Episode 9 – How to Find Balance Using the Four Money Personalities
Following up on the previous episode, Danielle Howard digs even deeper into the four money personalities: fire, earth, water, and[...]